Drape and Brandse team up to create 'The Big Drink' crowd-stopper for Sculpture by the Sea

THE-BIG-DRINK.jpgM&C Saatchi, Sydney copywriter Simone Brandse and Three Drunk Monkeys co-founder Justin Drape have teamed up to create a crowd-stopping sculpture for this year's Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi exhibition.

The piece, titled The Big Drink, is a large-scale 13-metre bendy straw rising from the ocean along the now famous 2km Bondi to Bronte walk. Australia is an island surrounded by water, yet we never have enough of it to drink. The sculpture highlights this irony, bringing to mind the desalination debate.

The sculpture was dislodged by rough seas during the recent thunderstorm after just days of being in the water, and finally, after three more attempts to re-install it with the help of divers and a barge, the straw was back in the water yesterday with the help of a helicopter and a supporting crowd of onlookers.
"It's great to be involved in an exhibition as popular and prestigious as Sculpture by the Sea," said Brandse.

"It's been extremely satisfying to finally get it up," Drape said. "And I'm also really happy with the straw."

The sculpture is sponsored by M&C Saatchi, The Comedy Channel and Icebergs Restaurant & Bar.

Brandse is a copywriter currently working at M&C Saatchi, best known for her contribution to the multi-awarded LynxJet campaign while at Lowe Hunt, Sydney. Drape, who started his career as a painter before entering advertising, was last month nominated for an Australian Film Institute (AFI) award for Best Television Screenplay for:30 Seconds, along with co-writers Scott Nowell and Tim Bullock.

Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi - the world's largest free outdoor sculpture exhibition - runs until this Sunday, 15 November.


Anonymous said:

This does not suck.

Anonymous said:

Where are the crowds the have so called stopped?

Anonymous said:

Homer Simpson:
Mmmm I think we'll move under the sea.

"Under the sea,
Under the sea.
Life's always better
when life's wetter,
under the sea"

Marge Simpson:
Homer, it's NOT going to happen.

Homer Simpson:
Not with that attitude.

Well done sticking at it.

Anonymous said:

hee. nice.

Anonymous said:

Brandse and Drape teamed up well before this and got married.

Pete the plumber said:

It's Bondi so it must be a bent sewer pipe.

Anonymous said:

nice one guys although it would have been much easier to have just done it in post.

Anonymous said:

Good on ya Simone.

It took a while.

Hell, it took a lot of money.

But it's up.


Well fucking done.


Anonymous said:

This is art 3.12, not the Logies....

Anonymous said:

I love it

Anonymous said:

I love it

Rich. said:

Creatives outside of ads.

Anonymous said:

Awesome. Just pure creativity. Well done guys.

Bec said:

Um, why do people like this again?

Anonymous said:

It's lovely, although the photo doesn't quite do it justice.

What a beautiful idea, forget the rationale.

Well done guys.

Anonymous said:

What's it retail for in the SbS programme? Last year there was an old role of fencing wire for $83,000.............................

Anonymous said:

When this industry spits me out, and I'm done being a copywriter, I want to be an artist. Kudos to you guys, seriously.

And if that doesn't work out, I could always become an 'oopywriter'. Or a proofreader, apparently.

Anonymous said:

Hats off. Funny, engaging, cool.

And 3.12? The crowds are at your mum's place.

Anonymous said:

Andy Fucking Warhol's estate just sold an artwork which consists of 100 hundred dollar bills, photocopied onto a canvas. That's it. Nuthin' else. And they sold it for 86 MILLION dollars.

So look, what you have to do is take this straw out, put it in an above ground pool, stick it in some wanky gallery, get really famous... die, wait 20 years and then make a fucking fortune.

Nice work but. I don't buy the arty rationale re the whole 'water everywhere but not a drop to drink', but fun sculpture and a good effort to make it happen.

Anonymous said:

It's fantastic to see creatives being creative.

Vance said:

I scoured the internet for inspiration like so many other creatives, and come across exactly the same idea executed last year.


Anonymous said:

Anything Glue can do,
I can do better,
I can do anything
better than Glue.

Anonymous said:

Hey Vance - the time it took you to find 'exactly the same idea' on the internet could have been better spent coming up with an original idea of your own - like fingering yourself to death.

Anonymous said:


Since when did advertising start becoming so serious!

When we stopped talking face to face at the pub and started revealing our innermost thoughts on a blog?

It's art, it's pop, I like it, some won't.

That's art.

Come to think of it, that's advertising too but I'd need a 5 minute integrated presentation with a few websites crashing to get that past some of you.

Ryn Brandse said:

Wow. So simple yet so poignant...

ANDY said:

Just saw it today it really stands out!!! You have to see it for yourself, Photos don't do it justice. Brilliant effort guys.

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