XXXX GOLD launches new Cricket campaign to celebrate summer of Cricket via Host/Havas


With the summer of cricket back in full swing, Host/Havas have recently launched a new campaign for XXXX GOLD in support of its Classic Cricket Edition cans. In a true throwback, these cans feature the return of a famous mascot, Mr Fourex, a much-loved character in Queensland.


Host/Havas was tasked with celebrating XXXX’s long history with Australian cricket and the Aussie summer. In this campaign, the audience is taken back in time to relive a moment that would go on to influence generations to come; the invention of the ‘one hand one bounce’ rule. It champions a bloke from Queensland who, against all odds, found a way to keep hold of that refreshing, ice cold XXXX GOLD.

Says Amy Darvill, brand director for mainstream, Lion: “With XXXX GOLD playing such an important role over the summer beer season for Lion and our retail customers, it was important that we drove awareness of our classic cricket packaging and the surrounding retail campaign. Rather than play a straight bat with a simple retail ad, we worked with the Host/Havas team to bring to life a fun idea that taps into the uniquely Australian pastime of backyard cricket.”

Says Matt Ennis, creative director, Host/Havas: “As a brand that has always championed Aussie ingenuity, it seemed right that XXXX GOLD lay claim to one of the best examples of it.”

XXXX GOLD launches new Cricket campaign to celebrate summer of Cricket via Host/Havas

The goal of this tongue-in-cheek approach, which makes heart of three things that make a good Aussie summer; mates, cricket and an ice cold XXXX GOLD, was to drive Australians to pick up a case of XXXX GOLD Classic Cricket Edition cans for the best summer of cricket yet.

The campaign also rolled out through retro can packaging as well as a Mr Fourex integration with the Channel 7 broadcast. The content is live online, in-stadium, on XXXX social accounts and in OOH.

Creative Agency: Host/Havas
Executive Creative Director: Jon Austin
Creative Director: Matt Ennis
Art Director: Shaun Thomson
Copywriter: Adam Smith
Production Director: Alistair Ferrier
Senior Broadcast Producer: Stephanie Cameron
Managing Partner: Ant Moore
Account Director: Rachel Robinson
Account Manager: Jordan Van Der Heide
Chief Strategy Officer: Olly Taylor
Senior Planner: Phil Pickering

Production Company: AIRBAG
Director: Ariel Martin
Executive Producer: Alex Tizzard
Producer: Megan Ayers
DOP: Aaron McLisky
Edit: AIRBAG, Charles Ivory
Grade: Ben Eagleton
Online: AIRBAG, Heather Galvin
Sound: Song Zu

Stills Production Company – FLIPP
Photographer – Stuart Miller
Senior Producer – Anastasia Nielsen
Agency Producer – Darren Gibson and Emma Power

Client: Lion
Brand Director: Amy Darvill
Senior Brand Manager: Nicola Schwendler
Brand Manager: Christina Reid

XXXX GOLD launches new Cricket campaign to celebrate summer of Cricket via Host/Havas