World Famous creatives reveal the truth behind the curses and blessings of Imposter Syndrome in new podcast series ‘The Imposterous’

World Famous creatives reveal the truth behind the curses and blessings of Imposter Syndrome in new podcast series ‘The Imposterous’

Today sees the launch of THE IMPOSTEROUS, a new podcast series dedicated to exploring the oft felt, but little-talked about phenomena of Imposter Syndrome within the Creative Industry. Tackling the issue from all angles, each episode features an in-depth discussion with global creative leaders such as; Nils Leonard (UnCommon), Kitty Lun (Facebook), Jab Borgstrom (BBH) and Laura Petrucelli (Goodby Silverstein).


The Imposterous is hosted by Michael Knox (ECD, Roller) and Graham Drew (CCO, Grey Malaysia) and as has been created to explore the theory that even the world’s most respected creative professionals suffer pangs of inadequacy that either stifle their potential brilliance or protect them from mediocrity.

The podcast series was inspired, like many of the best things, by one of those rare moments of honesty over a pint with a friend. Drew says: “About three years ago Michael and I were having a post-pitch wind-down and we got to talking about how we creatives have put ourselves in the odd situation where we are on trial almost every day. Each time, we stand in front of our ideas and opinions and hope the ‘Tah Dah’ goes down well this time. On the outside we learn to put on a great show, but the inner story can sometimes be more complicated”

Knox said: “So, just 18 months later than everyone else, this year we decided to do a podcast. We’ve spoken to people at the very top of their game and we’re finding that Imposter Syndrome is far from rare, in fact it could even be a key attribute to what really drives the good work into great work.”

The Imposterous launches with two episodes – Nils Leonard, Co-Founder of UnCommon and Laura Petrucelli, ECD Goodby Silverstein, and will be followed with a new episode every Monday.

The hope is that by making Imposter Syndrome more widely talked about it can become easier to deal with.

Says Drew “We’re discovering that Imposter Syndrome is not all bad – it can be pretty shitty at times, but it’s often the fuel that drives the work out of mediocracy. That it can keep you humble, an antidote to the assholery that can very quickly follow success”.

Adds Knox “…or it’s just a very elaborate excuse to talk to some of the industry’s best. And if talking about this helps then we all win. Let the impostury begin!”

Campaign Brief is supporting The Imposterous, which is proudly produced by Andrew Stevenson Co-owner @ We Love Jam Studios. Stevenson heads up the podcast production and The Imposterous theme music by Hylton Mowday.

Stevenson said: “When I heard from Michael and Graham about their Imposterous idea and how we all deal with it day to day. I was compelled to be involved. I can find myself wondering if I actually can create that sound that I’ve never heard before”.

The Imposterous is available now on itunes, Spotify, Google Play or

World Famous creatives reveal the truth behind the curses and blessings of Imposter Syndrome in new podcast series ‘The Imposterous’

Michael Knox
Knox has spent over 20 years in the advertising and media industry working across a spread of the most recognised and influential brands in the world. Knox returned to Melbourne in January 2020 to lead Roller, News Corp Australia’s Creative Agency. Prior to this Knox was Chief Creative Officer, Grey Group China for 3 years, and Grey Group Australia for 5 years. In that time Knox oversaw the most profitable and awarded years in the agency’s 50+ year history – leading the agency to twice winning Best in Show at the Region’s most prestigious advertising award show, Kam Fam. Knox has won and judged at major award shows including D&AD, The One Show, Cannes Lions and Spikes Asia. Championing ideas and growing business, Knox’s passion lies in insight driven creativity, building sustainable brand + customer relationships and fostering ambitious, collaborative teams.

Graham Drew
Drew is the CCO of Grey Malaysia and Global ECD for Carlsberg. During his 6 years at Grey, Drew has led pitch wins and helped create award-winning work for key clients such as P&G, Tesco, Pantene, SEA Games, Carlsberg, WWF and Volvo. In 2020 he led his team to its first ever ‘Creative Agency of the Year’ title, twice, winning with Campaign Brief Asia and Campaign. In 2020 Drew was also named Campaign Magazine ‘Creative Person of the Year’ for South East Asia. Most recently, Grey Malaysia was named 2021 Creative Agency of the Year by Spikes Asia.

When not working, Drew tries to keep up with his two far more intelligent daughters who find ever more devious means of avoiding remote schooling and remain deeply unimpressed with what Daddy does for ‘work’.