Wildebeest director and RMIT alumnus behind university’s rousing new brand campaign

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The record attendance at RMIT University’s recent Open Day 2022 on August 14 comes in the wake of a new brand campaign from Melbourne production company, Wildebeest. For youth in pursuit of a hands-on, world-class education, the campaign is a reminder of the real people and opportunities at the heart of the RMIT experience.


The spot serves as a call-to-arms for prospective students. Opening slowly, the pace begins to build, transporting the viewer through a montage of future-forming moments, supported by a manifesto-style voiceover. In the final seconds, the clip culminates in a crescendo, reinforcing that students who share RMIT’s energy and attitudes will ‘forge what’s next.’

Once again bringing the university’s campaign to life was long term creative partner, Wildebeest, spearheaded by director and RMIT alumni, Jarred Osborn.

Says Osborn: “I studied Professional Communication at RMIT, majoring in film and radio. Returning 15 years later to help visualise the brand was a surreal experience. Though it had been years since I’d stepped on campus, coming back to direct the last two campaigns evoked some eerily familiar feelings. Some serious nostalgia for all the physical and intangible elements of uni life. I think this is what gives this campaign a level of authenticity – I’ve lived the RMIT experience.”

This authenticity is a hallmark of Osborn’s recent work for RMIT. With real students cast to feature in the campaign, the three-day shoot sought to capture the undeniable energy, excitement and hope for the future that palpitates throughout the university’s campuses.

Following years of disruption to campus-based learning, this new brand ad also marks a confident step forward for the future of tertiary education – one rich with connection and collaboration, putting the true values of RMIT up to the lens.

Says Alexander Bianchini-Kometer, assistant director of creative and production at RMIT: “Ahead of a record-attending open day, we brought our viewers—from all walks of life—back onto an RMIT campus through our latest brand ad. A vibrant place where students can really harness their creativity in a practical and highly technical environment. The team at Wildebeest have been able to highlight RMIT’s vision for sustainability, growing businesses and leading the world with transformational technology. Our ad features real students who are genuinely proud to be part of the vibrant and inclusive RMIT community.”

RMIT entered the 2022 tertiary year ranked third in the world for its environmental, social and economic impact, is ranked one of the top 200 universities in the world and in 2020 achieved almost 16,000 industry placements for students.

Client: RMIT
Production House: Wildebeest
Director: Jarred Osborn
Executive Producer: Josie Baynes
Director of Photography: Jesse Gohier-Fleet
Producer: Logan Davies
Script Writer: Kym Liebig