THE WORK 2021 HOT LIST #2: The Monkeys

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There were several agencies in Australia that put in strong creative performances over the last 12 months. Campaign Brief showcases the work of those that made The Work 2021 Hot List…


Notable work from The Monkeys, ranked equal #2 Australian agency in The Work 2021, included Meat & Livestock Australia ‘Make Lambs, Not Walls’, Australia Post ‘Spread the Merry’, BCF ‘You Couldn’t Be Anywhere Better’, UN Women Australia ‘When will she be right?’, David Jones ‘Christmas Window’, Memories ‘Future Messages’, Grill’d ‘Trump’d’, NRL ‘Still, Simply The Best’, Meat & Livestock Australia ‘Lambalytica’, NRMA ‘Ranger Sammy’, rebel ‘Taking the Field’, Meat & Livestock Australia ‘Share the Secret Recipe’, Supercheap Auto ‘We Still Love You Bathurst 1000’ and BCF ‘WFH EOFY $ale’.