THE WORK 2021 HOT LIST #1: Deloitte Digital

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There were several agencies in Australia that put in strong creative performances over the last 12 months. Campaign Brief showcases the work of those that made The Work 2021 Hot List…


Notable work from Deloitte Digital, ranked #1 Australian agency in The Work 2021, included Belong ‘Carbon Thumbprint’, Australian Defence Force ‘HeadStrength’, Suzuki ‘Setup The Game’, Deloitte Digital ‘Hello New’, Suzuki ‘Non stop talking car’, Swinburne ‘360 Degrees’, Suzuki ‘Motorbike of Cars’, Suzuki ‘Sexy Suzuki Swift’, Suzuki ‘Test Drive to a Test Drive’, Balter ‘The Big Slab’, Suzuki ‘Joy Rides’, Suzuki ‘Mindframe’, US PGA ‘US Opened’, Suzuki ‘Rooms’, Suzuki ‘Best Cars in the Universe’ and Air Services Australia ‘Optimal Reality’.