Six benefits of striking up strategic partnerships


Partnership-mo-works (1).jpgBy Elyse Wurm, copywriter and social media coordinator, Mo Works, Melbourne

Like Batman and Robin or IBM and Windows, the right strategic partner can give you the support and fresh outlook you need to unlock the potential of your agency.

Gone are the days when agencies have to go it alone and rely solely on their own resources to get the job done. We now understand that sharing is caring, and joining forces with a trusty partner can be an effective way to open up new opportunities and move closer towards your goals.

At Mo Works Creative Agency we have seen this firsthand by partnering up with multiple local agencies, providers and more recently we struck up an exciting partnership with a software engineering company, Blitzm Systems. The Blitzm team specialises in developing complex software and native mobile apps. We’ve noticed a number of advantages of putting our heads together so we wrote up a list to help you see how a partnership could benefit your agency.

1.  Pool resources

Your partner might have whiz-bang software or equipment that you haven’t gotten around to buying or don’t require all the time. Working together means you can offer unique competitive advantages and share assets, which could include equipment, knowledge and staff. This can save you loads of time and money usually spent on sourcing, training and researching as your well-equipped partner can lend you what you need.

2.  Discover new ideas

Bouncing thoughts off other people is a great way to unlock new ideas and the effectiveness of this method skyrockets when the other person understands your industry. Their advice will be extremely relevant as they understand the parameters you’re working in. For example, mixing the creative minds at Mo Works with the technical expertise of Blitzm allows us to look at projects from all possible angles and assess risks better to find the best solutions for our clients.

3.  Generate leads

Partners act as great endorsers for your services. Whenever a project lands on their desk or they meet a potential client in need of your services, they can put them in touch with you. Likewise you can shoot leads their way. Considering a personal recommendation is the best advertising there is, these leads are likely to turn into paying clients.

4.  Expand your network

Meeting your partner’s friends and friends of friends will help build your exposure throughout your industry and beyond. By attending their events and meeting their connections you can demonstrate your knowledge in wider circles. This could put you in touch with new potential partners or open up other business opportunities you may not have considered before.

5.  Compete in new markets

Thanks to the extra resources you’ll have access to, a partnership can enable you to tackle larger, more complex projects and open the door to new markets that were out of your reach before. For example, before partnering with Blitzm we focussed on designing and developing web applications and only provided design for native apps and complex software. Now with their help we can look into large scale projects, such as large governmental tech projects, and submit proposals with confidence.

6.  Build loyalty

Enhancing the products or services you currently offer through a partnership will reflect positively on your brand identity and increase the chance that your clients will turn into returning customers. When people know they can get a superior service and everything they need from a single source, they won’t need to look elsewhere.

Partnerships are an inexpensive yet effective tactic that can open your business up to great new opportunities. Why not strike up one for your agency and see where it takes you?

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