Shippit offers a witty take on the perils of shipping in first ad campaign via Edelman


CB Exclusive – Retail logistics software platform Shippit has launched its first advertising campaign via Edelman, in what is the company’s first foray into a sophisticated marketing program, as it moves from start-up to scale-up.


The campaign includes three short videos, which are a witty take on the perils of shipping faced by businesses owners.

Says Jamil Bhatti, creative director, Edelman: “Working with a startup of such high calibre as Shippit has opened up new light on how start-ups approach marketing. From the outset we had the shared goals of the right strategy, clear message and brave creative. The collaborative approach Edelman and Shippit took to land the ‘heartbreak’ campaign really underpins how combining agency and client smarts is leading to more sophisticated startup advertising.”


Says Rob Hango-Zada, co-founder and CEO, Shippit: “At Shippit, we’ve spent the last four years really understanding the frustrations of our market. At times, startups become obsessed with performance marketing and forget to actually build a brand that lasts.

“We wanted to really embrace the realities our customers face every single day and leverage these insights to help clarify what it is that our brand stands for. The ‘heartbreak’ campaign stemmed from the simple idea that no matter how big or small your business gets, as a business owner you’re not shielded from the heartbreak caused by angry customers, suppliers who try to gouge you or your feeling of defeat when you can’t stop working in the business (versus working on the business).

“We are really proud of how Stacey, our entrepreneur, portrays this across the three short videos – the look on her face really sums it up nicely.

“Historically, we have produced our videos in-house or through a collection of freelancers. We knew for this campaign to come to life in the right way, we needed to embrace the creative thinking of an established agency. Edelman has built a portfolio of strong campaigns for tech businesses that really go a step higher than tactical messaging. We valued their experience and identified them as a great partner to help us build an emotional platform for our brand.”