NAB reimagines ‘More Than Money’ in new work via TBWA\Melbourne, Mindshare and Principals


NAB, in partnership with TBWA\Melbourne, Mindshare and Principals, is unveiling a refreshed brand platform including a new brand campaign and evolved identity that showcases the unique relationship between NAB bankers and customers.


Since its inception in 2016, More than Money has created a distinct positioning for NAB as the bank that understands there’s more to life than money.

NAB chief marketing officer, Suzana Ritsevski, said when people feel supported, they are more confident with their money: “We know there’s more to life than money, and that’s why we develop relationships with our customers to better understand their needs and aspirations.

“Understanding the challenges people face beyond money is so important. When we pair this understanding with our expertise, leading products and technology, it makes for a winning combination.”

Says Faycal Ben Abdellaziz, head of group brand, NAB: “Creating a CGI Marvel-esque universe, the campaign taps into the drama that has become our daily reality in today’s ever changing, uncertain world. Within this environment, NAB’s bankers, products and technologies play a starring role, bringing their empathetic financial expertise to a range of everyday ‘money moments’.”

Says a spokesperson from TBWA\Melbourne: “The team at NAB asked us to be bold. So, we created an exaggerated wild world where houses have legs, businesses grow before your eyes and NAB bankers drive around in star emblazoned muscle cars – all as an analogy for the ‘more’ that NAB’s people, products and tech bring to every money moment.”

The launch AV sees NAB bankers and products helping its customers across three larger-than-life scenarios: A NAB Business Expert helping a business owner to take control of his fast-growing business; A mobile home loan specialist helping a young couple to chase down a house; And the NAB app making it simple to save for a desperately needed new car.

Directed by The Bobbsey Twins, the brand launch will be supported across multiple media channels and followed up with dedicated Business and Home Loans creative which unfold the action-packed stories further.

The campaign sees the introduction of a refreshed brand identity and distinctive brand codes including a new audio-visual mnemonic, new font and NAB’s iconic red star playing a bigger, more dynamic role.

Says Simon Wright, executive creative director from Principals: “The refreshed identity is more energised, dynamic, youthful and digitally fit. We’re making a hero of our star – our most unique asset – to embody and drive ideas. These kinds of opportunities to work with your long-term clients to refresh such an important brand don’t come along very often. It’s been a real pleasure working with the whole team at NAB and TBWA to take the brand into the future.”

Says Chris Solomon, managing director, Mindshare Melbourne: “As a long-term partner of NAB our team couldn’t have been more excited to see where the refreshed brand identity and brand campaign landed. Our brief at Mindshare was to make this fresh, exciting, and impactful creative platform live in media in all the same ways. Expect to see it in all its glory across key brand building channels, TV Integrations, Live Sport, Cinema, Outdoor and targeted digital. Great partners make great things happen – well done to all involved.”

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Suzana Ristevski
Faycal Ben Abdellaziz
Elly Bloom
Donna Pidduck
Jess Hughes
Susanna Hondrokostas
Sue Brailsford
Johannes Samson
Chris Stamellos
Alastair Sykes
Bridget Larsen
Nicole Bishop
Sally Phillips
Jasmin Medved
Simon O’Connor
Michelle Chow

Creative Agency: TBWA\Melbourne

Production: Finch
Director: The Bobbsey Twins
Edit: Arc Edit
Post-Production: ALT.VFX
Colourist: Dave Gibson
Music: Rumble Studios
Sound: Squeak E Clean
Photographer: Juli Balla
Photography Production: The Kitchen
Retouching: Cameron Jones

Design Agency: Principals

Media Agency: Mindshare

NAB reimagines ‘More Than Money’ in new work via TBWA\Melbourne, Mindshare and Principals