Milo activates ‘Beast Mode’ in new MILO Protein cereal campaign via Connecting Plots


MILO Cereal has launched its first major marketing campaign for its newly launched Protein cereal via independent creative communications agency Connecting Plots.


Building on MILO’s strong association with fuelling active kids, the new campaign platform ‘Beast Mode – Activated’ evolves the masterbrand’s focus on team sports to celebrate how MILO Protein helps them unleash their own full potential, take their training to the next level and successfully compete with their peers.

The campaign launched from 16 April onwards across various social channels and online video.

Connecting Plots creative partner, Dave Jansen said the approach to the MILO Protein cereal campaign was about tapping into the teen mindset and being less overt and more authentic: “Creating advertising that doesn’t feel like a ‘sell’ is the challenge when targeting teens. We’ve shied away from the polished tropes of traditional, achievement driven sports ads to bring this to life in a way that hopefully gives life to a teenager’s desire to do their best, feel like they are stepping into their future adult self and showing how MILO Protein Cereal can help on that journey.”

Says Keara Deignan, marketing manager, CPW: “Aussies grew up with MILO cereal, it’s a staple of every Australian pantry.

“However we’ve seen that as teens start to carve out their own identities, their consumption habits change so this product aims to keep pace with their active on-the-go lifestyle.”

Client: Nestlé
Marketing Manager: Keara Deignan
Brand Manager: Ines Seixas
Brand Manager: Sarah Bussacarini

Agency: Connecting Plots
Creative Partner: Dave Jansen
Strategy Director: Tim Collier
Business Director: Jack Blades
Copywriter: John Gault
Art Director: Matt Geerson
Project Manager: Gwen Jimenez
Producer: Bonnie Ledsam
Managing Director: Tom Phillips