Johnnie Walker helps to keep dads’ stories alive in new campaign via Tribal and DDB Aotearoa


Tribal / DDB Group Aotearoa New Zealand and Johnnie Walker are helping to keep dads’ stories alive for generations, through a unique Father’s Day campaign that allows dads to give their families a gift that will last forever – a voice recording of their best tale.


Dreamed up by the creatives and technologists at Tribal Aotearoa NZ, DDB Group’s digital experience agency, the concept is a spin on Johnnie Walker’s famous slogan, “Keep Walking”.

The centrepiece of the campaign is a voice-enabled Whiskey Case that will preserve your stories, and record new memories, so the next conversation you have with your dad over a glass of whiskey, can live forever. The aim is for future generations to hear the recording, so they may know the footsteps they walk in.

The campaign calls on Kiwi dads to record their favourite story or anecdote at a microsite (, which then generates a link to the recording that can be shared or saved so their family can listen to it forever. The best recordings will be placed in Johnnie Walker’s voice distillery and enhanced by audio engineers to make them even richer.

The best storytellers will then win the whiskey case with their recording built in.

Tribal Aotearoa NZ collaborated with the team at Production Partners to produce the whiskey case, and worked alongside Mango Communications Aotearoa NZ and DDB Aotearoa NZ to launch the campaign this week, integrated across digital, social and PR.

Tribal Aotearoa NZ executive creative director, Haydn Kerr says the project demonstrates the potential for brands to utilise the digital world to connect with their customers, in a way that is both new and enduring: “This project uses technology to give meaning to a very old tradition. And it feels particularly poignant while the country is in lockdown and many New Zealanders are not able to celebrate Father’s Day together.

“It’s times like these that make digital experiences even more impactful and show how important it is for businesses to consider all the different ways they can connect with customers online, especially when they’re not able to do so face-to-face. The Johnnie Walker Voice Edition uses technology to celebrate the really special interactions we have with our fathers, many of which are over a bottle of whiskey, and make sure their stories can be passed on and re-lived for generations to come.”

Johnnie Walker senior brand manager Tim Norman says the campaign is an effective way to get Kiwis to celebrate Father’s Day this year, combining something dads are commonly known for – their penchant for a good story – with a favourite Father’s Day gift, Johnnie Walker: “Our dad’s stories are treasured and passed on long after they’re gone. Now, through this campaign it’s possible to save those stories forever in a special edition Johnnie Walker case, where at the press of a button, you’ll be able to hear his voice and hear his stories.

“This campaign utilises technology to deliver an impactful digital experience that resonates with Kiwis, helping to show our dad how much they – and their stories – mean to us, while also providing the opportunity to savour and re-live a special moment in time and that special feeling of spending time with your dad.”

The stories can be recorded by visiting from now until 12th September.

Johnnie Walker helps to keep dads’ stories alive in new campaign via Tribal and DDB Aotearoa