iSeekplant takes a dig at the construction + mining industries with tongue-in-cheek video

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Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 2.26.04 PM.jpgToday, online plant hire equipment database iSeekplant has launched a new video marketing campaign, providing a raw and witty take off of the challenges facing the world of construction and mining in Australia.


With the construction and mining industries in Australia experiencing tough times, iSeekplant is using a creative way to achieve cut through in the market and get their message out. is Australia’s fastest growing online plant hire equipment and services database with over 3,800 customers, and 110,000 users in mining, infrastructure and construction which recently received investment backing from Seven Group Holdings.

CEO of iSeekplant, Sally McPherson, has created a series of short films that take aim at the issues facing construction and mining in Australia.


Says McPherson: “Australia’s mining, construction and infrastructure industries are facing some of the toughest conditions yet. These industries are still some of Australia’s largest employers and the backbone of many Australian cities and regional towns. However, many players in these sectors are employing antiquated business practices and need to take a serious look at how they can shake up their business strategy to ensure they stay profitable and relevant in the modern, digital world.


“It’s vital that we take a serious look at how companies in these sectors are operating; sourcing equipment and resources, marketing, and the move to digital are all critical factors that need to be addressed.”


McPherson wanted to create shareable content that would resonate with her audience, aiming to reach over 20 million people through social media.


Says McPherson: “Humour is often the best medicine, our videos poke fun at situations and stereotypical characters in the industry, which will mean we get cut through with our audience.


“Demonstrating our understanding of the uniqueness of the plant hire and construction industries, every frame of these videos is a celebration of the inside jokes and the humour that makes working on a construction site fun every day.”


The premiere of iSeekplant’s marketing campaign videos was on Tuesday night in Queensland at the Real Short Film Festival.


Aussie icons David Field (Chopper, Getting Square), David Eastgate (Under the Hammer) and Col Elliot (comedian) star in the tongue-in-cheek films that celebrate the distinctly Aussie characters and comical situations that arise at worksites across the country.


The first video ‘Poor Brian’ showcases the frustration in the industry of not being able to source the correct machines for construction or infrastructure projects. The other videos take a jab at the truckloads of trinkets that hire companies use to win jobs and also take on dodgy operators and time wasters in the industry.

Director Tony Prescott from Tee Pot Films shot the videos. Two more videos will be released in the next few months.