Iconic Australian cricketer Merv Hughes to front Hawke’s Brewing first TVC during Channel 7’s coverage of the Australia v India test series


Former Australian test cricketer, Merv Hughes, will star in a beer commercial for Hawke’s Brewing, scheduled to intercept the Sydney metro ad break before the start of Channel 7’s coverage of the Australia v India test series on Thursday afternoon.


Set to the soundtrack of Channel 9’s former Wide World of Sports Theme, Hughes dons his whites to skillfully open and savour a can of Hawke’s Opener IPA, the entire action spectacularly captured in super slow motion.

Says Nathan Lennon, brand director, Hawke’s Brewing: “There’s been some biffing going on over the playing schedule this year. And while we’ve probably all enjoyed watching some one-dayer warm-ups (even if we’ve had to pay for them), we all know the official start of any season is the First Test, and on free-to-air telly. Further to this, there will only ever be one song that Aussies want to hear before the first ball is bowled and if the networks aren’t going to give the people what they want then we’re happy to serve it up with footage of big Merv putting a tinnie of beer through its paces.”

Hughes recently signed on as brand ambassador for Hawke’s Brewing, the beer company launched by former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, in April 2017.

Client: Hawke’s Brewing
Creative: Hawke’s Brewing
Director: Ant Mcphail
Producer: Sophie Gibson
DOP: Alex Dufficy
Editor: Lucas Vazquez
Grade & Finish: Matt Fezz
Sound: Rumble Studios