Go West Young Creatives: Western Sydney Ad School now accepting applications

Go West Young Creatives: Western Sydney Ad School now accepting applications

After a successful 1st semester the Western Sydney Ad School (WSAS) is looking for the next enthusiastic crop of young creatives from Western Sydney.


Says Rocky Ranallo, creative tutor, WSAS: “While we have a few weeks to go to conclude the first semester we feel like it’s time to enrol any students who may have finished a degree or diploma, marketing or design course and are looking for a real practical addition to their studies.

“We know AWARD School is also looking for students soon but I think we can offer an all year round course that’s as good and as intensive for those people who can’t afford expensive schools or have failed to be selected into one of their courses.”

Says Matt Smith, creative tutor, WSAS: “We have no entry criteria except we’d like you to come from here, out west, and have a real desire to find out how good you are. It may be the best idea you’ve ever had. Haha we hope you have better ones of course.”

Adds Ranallo: “I’d just say if you know anyone who’s wanted to get into advertising but has never had the advantage of living in the Eastern Suburbs get them to check us out.”

WSAS will offer an internship at the end of the course for the best student and a scholarship for a First Nation student.

The course begins on February 20 and is one night a week for 12 weeks. After working on 10 briefs, some live, the student will leave with a portfolio full of ideas that will hopefully get them a job.

The course runs all year round and hopes to open in Melbourne before the end of the year. Enrol by visiting the website: westernsydneyadschool.com.au.