Furphy celebrates tellers of tall tales in new ‘Unearthing Unbelievable’ experience via Akcelo

Furphy celebrates tellers of tall tales in new ‘Unearthing Unbelievable’ experience via Akcelo

Eight in ten Aussies (86%) believe telling a furphy is a unique part of Australian culture, now Furphy is on a mission to celebrate the art of storytelling and uncover the nation’s best furphies in a new fully integrated brand experience via Akcelo.


Unearthing Unbelievable’ wants tellers of tall tales to share their amazing stories, reignite the banter at their local and celebrate the taps flowing again a year after pubs shut their doors.

The brand experience is built around a platform where yarn spinners can upload their tall stories via video or audio, with the best furphies shared with the nation and used as the basis for future Furphy campaigns.

More than 900 bars, pubs and clubs are taking part across the country. Consumers will be prompted to take part via on-premise posters and other point-of-sale communications which alert drinkers to the platform. Furphy coasters on every table will display a QR code which pub-goers simply scan to launch the experience and submit their story. After recording their best furphy, storytellers will receive a free Furphy to redeem at the bar.

Akcelo developed the digital platform in partnership with UM, Reprise, Liquid Ideas, Thinkerbell and Geometry, which are amplifying it across consumer touch points

Says Aden Hepburn, CEO at Akcelo: “Storytelling is a quintessential part of our culture and telling tall tales at the pub is almost a national sport. So what better way to celebrate spinning a yarn than recording these furphies to share with the rest of the country as well as using them for ongoing campaigns. Unearthing Unbelievable is an all-new way to find and celebrate the best Aussie furphies.”

To get the stories flowing, Furphy is kicking off a national pub tour ‘Unearthing Unbelievable’ – a space where furphies will be fuelled and found. Events in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide will feature storytellers including comedian Matt Okine, AFL legends Robert “Dipper” DiPierdomenico and Brendan Fevola and Nova radio presenters Ben and Liam.

Says Samantha Russo, brand manager of Furphy: “A year ago pubs across the country closed up and with that so did the ritual of having a yarn at your local over brew. We want to celebrate our industry coming back to life and remind the nation of the connection that sits behind the spirit of great Aussie storytelling.”


Client: Lion
Events, Creative, Platform Build, Social and Digital: Akcelo
Media: UM & Reprise
PR & Research: Liquid Ideas
Unbelievable Campaign Creation: Thinkerbell
Retail/Shopper: Geometry