Flint, WolfKing + Growth Mantra produce major campaign for National Australia Day Council


Flint, WolfKing and Growth Mantra have launched a major TVC, online films and stills campaign for the National Australia Day Council.


The campaign features people from various cultural backgrounds, including several Indigenous Australians, and acknowledges the ‘painful’ and ‘raw’ history of our nation.

The new advertisement is set to a poem which states the story of Australia Day is the story of every person that resides in the nation. It includes the lines “In parts it is painful. In parts it is raw”, and “It tells of many people. From far and wide. And those who’ve been here. Since the beginning of time.” with many of these lines spoken by Indigenous Australians.

The ad concludes with a collection of diverse people saying “We’re all part of the story” and the line “Reflect. Respect. Celebrate.” It departs from previous campaigns by focusing on the “highs and lows” of Australia’s past, with particular emphasis on Indigenous history.

The films and the photography were all done as one streamlined production under the lead of Jonathan May, and with David Maurice Smith.

The full poem can be read here:

The story of Australia
Is the story of me
It’s the story of you
It’s the story of we

In parts it is painful
In parts it is raw
It others it’s beautiful
Inspiring great awe

It tells of many people
From far and wide
And those who’ve been here
Since the beginning of time

It brings us together
And tears us apart
We all have our views
So where do we start?
By listening to each other
And sharing our part

Client: NADC
CEO, Karlie Brand
Chief Operating Officer, Karen Wilson
Media & Special Projects Manager, Lyndall Black

CEO, Simon Corah
Planning Director, Mitch Hunter
Head of Digital, Andrew Korecki
Group Account Director, Fiona Berry
Founder, Resolve Jim Reed

Creative agency: WOLFKING
Creative Partner, Dave King
Creative Partner, Jason Woelfl
Executive Producer, Susannah Phillips

Digital agency: OGILVY
Head Of Experience Tech, Ogilvy Jason Davey
Digital Project Director, Ogilvy Gareth Morgan

Cultural agency: CULTURAL PULSE
Founder & COO, Cultural Pulse Reg Reghavan
Account Manager, Cultural Pulse Jake Swartz

Production company: FLINT
Executive Producer, Tim Berriman
Lead Director & photographer, Jonathan May
Director & photographer, David Maurice Smith

Music and Sound production: Uncanny Valley

The 60” ad can also be viewed here: https://flint.net.au/jonathan-may/

The individual stories of some of those who participated in the ads, can be viewed at australiaday.org.au.