FINCH’s Kyra Bartley directs new film for FRANKIE4 and The Brainchild Foundation

FINCH’s Kyra Bartley directs new film for FRANKIE4 and The Brainchild Foundation

FRANKiE4 and the Brainchild Foundation have collaborated with FINCH director Kyra Bartley to create a film promoting their ‘Better Tomorrows’ programme.


Centred on the idea of ‘taking a first step towards a better tomorrow’, Bartley’s film conveys how FRANKiE4, in partnership with the Brainchild Foundation, is taking action to make the future brighter for young Australians and their families battling brain and spinal cord tumours. The film features socks as both object and metaphor, showcasing how you can support the Brainchild Foundation by adding a pair of socks to your FRANKiE4 shopping cart.

Says Bartley: “Everyone wears socks, so everyone has the power to help. Socks gave us an interesting lens through which to view our hero family, because whether it’s for fashion, footy or just keeping your tootsies warm, the way we interact with socks can tell a surprising amount about who we are and how we live our lives. It was important the film captured that fluctuating balance of joy, frustration and mundanity of family life, whilst also tapping into that precious adolescent mix of vulnerability and wild abandon.

“The horror and heartbreak of a child with a brain tumour is already self-evident. Rather than needing to convince audiences of the importance of the Brainchild’s work, we wanted the film to convey how easy it is to support their cause.”

Says Bec Hovey, marketing director of FRANKiE4: “We are so proud of our community and the generous support that they have provided. This allows the amazing work of the Brainchild Foundation to continue supporting families across Australia when they desperately need it”.

The Brainchild Foundation’s partnership with FRANKiE4 has already raised over $379,000 in funding for their ‘Better Tomorrows’ program. All profits from FRANKiE4’s sock range is donated directly to the Brainchild Foundation. These funds provide much-needed therapy, tuition, and emergency support to the families of children battling brain and spinal cord tumours.

You can watch Kyra Bartley’s film here.

Client: FRANKiE4 Footwear

Production Company: FINCH
Director: Kyra Bartley
Managing Director: Corey Esse
Executive Producer: Loren Bradley
HOP: Claire Thompson
Producer: Bryce Lintern
DOP: Campbell Brown

Casting: Natalie @ Citizen Jane Casting
Art Director: Janai Anselmi
Costume Designer: Janai Anselmi

Post Production: Atticus
Post Producer: Kani Saib
Editor: Delaney Murphy
Colourists: Alina Bermingham
Sound Mix: Rumble Studios