Brown Brothers X Gelato Messina launch Prosecco Rosé gelato via Communicado

Brown Brothers X Gelato Messina launch Prosecco Rosé gelato via Communicado

To celebrate the ʻitʼ drink of the summer, Brown Brothers and Gelato Messina have created a limited edition Prosecco Rosé gelato, as part of its Prosecco Letʼs Go PR campaign, developed by integrated communications agency, Communicado.


Wanting to highlight the vibrancy of Brown Brothers Prosecco Rosé, Gelato Messinaʼs chefs took inspiration from refreshing Prosecco cocktails, like the Peach Bellini, with the end result capturing a delicate flavour profile of blood peach, with a lychee cream and a rose puree.

Free scoops of the limited edition Prosecco Rosé gelato will be available for three days only across Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney – with the first sampling day occurring in Melbourne on Friday, 21 January at St Kilda Beach.

On working with Gelato Messina, Emma Brown, fourth generation Brown family member says that the partnership is exciting as it allows more people to experience the delicious flavours of Prosecco Rosé this summer!

Says Emma: “We wanted to partner with a like-minded tastemaker who cras products to excite consumers as we do.

“Prosecco Rosé is the perfect summer wine, so it was a very easy decision to partner with Gelato Messina on a summer gelato collaboration.”

Brown Brothers appointed Melbourne based, integrated communications agency, Communicado, as its public relations partner following a competitive pitch mid-2021.

Says Emma: “Communicado not only demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the insights and trends within the category, we could also feel the teamʼs passion for the creative territories and strategies they developed.”

Says Amy van Bekkum, communications manager of the Brown Family Wine Group: “The creative territories and strategies Communicado presented made it clear to us that public relations will be central to our marketing strategy. The team understood what will make us stand out in the category and how we can connect with our audience in an engaging way.”

Says Kerrie Ryan, director of Communicado: “As a member of Australiaʼs First Families of Wine (AFFW), weʼre extremely excited to be partnering with such an iconic client, that is as equally passionate about their offering, as they are about their family – just like we are at Communicado.”

Wholly independent, Communicado delivers integrated thinking and creative solutions, combined with specialist PR, digital and shopper delivery for some of Australiaʼs most loved brands including Mayverʼs, Dulux, Earth Choice, PETstock and Asahi CUB.