Venntifact launches martech training courses

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Venntifact launches martech training courses

Venntifact, a data and CX agency that works with major brands such as Xero, Network 10 and Virgin Australia to develop effective data propositions, has today announced the launch of its training & enablement division in response to a dearth of talent in the industry.


Today’s digital landscape is more challenging than ever before for the marketing industry. Customers have higher expectations, technology is more complex, data is more fragmented, and talent is harder to find and keep. It has never been as important to upskill and re-skill talent within the industry to stay up to date: A sole traditional marketing skill set is no longer viable in today’s employment market.

Venntifact’s first course, Martech Toolkit for Digital Professionals is available to Australian marketing and technology professionals who are looking to build hyper-relevant technical and strategic business skills across emerging technologies. The course is designed to upskill professionals in how data should be used to power modern marketing technology including; Data Management Platforms (DMP), Tag Management Systems, Digital Analytics, Experimentation Platforms, Customer Data Platforms (CDP), and importantly, how the technology ecosystem needs to be integrated to deliver relevant customer experiences.

During a Venntifact led industry panel discussion last week, Keng Yeo, group technology strategy delivery at IAG Group shared his thoughts on creating empowered teams.

Says Keng: “You need to take the time to nurture talent within your organisation to become T-Shaped, that is to be both broad but also have deep areas of specialism. Partnering with a consulting or agency is a solution to address the immediacy of the problem, but investing in upskilling and transforming current capabilities is the long term solution.”

Says Joey Nguyen (above), co-founder and director of technology and enablement at Venntifact: “There’s a big gap when it comes to what marketing technology can do, and what is currently being done in the market. There’s a lot of very powerful technology that’s simply not being used to its fullest in Australia right now, and it all comes down to having the teams and skillsets required now and into the future.

“This has led to an over dependence on agencies and consultancies, and limited hiring options. We see many people bounce from role to role because their resume matches some in-demand-now technology due to short supply – even if their skills are not up to scratch. We’re launching our training course and talent division in order to open up the talent pool and keep Australia competitive on the global stage.”

The launch of the Venntifact’s training and enablement division rounds out a year of meteoric growth for the business since its foundation in May 2018, which has seen it win clients such as Audible, Westpac, Society One and KFC.

Says Michael Pineda, head of training and enablement at Venntifact: “Our training courses have been designed from a decade of experience consulting to the largest brands in Australia. The course content is the same as we’ve taught to the hundreds of consultants who we’ve trained, making it laser focused on what matters to employers. Finally, our talent team is working daily with brands, technology companies and agencies seeking data-capable candidates in Australia, so we’ll be able to connect the dots and help candidates land their next gig, utilising the skills you’ve learnt with us.”

The course is now accepting applications online here, and costs AUD $3,750 for the 8-week course. Registration closes on the 13th of August with the semester commencing 20th August 2019.