UnLtd’s Little Colossus launches Mood Tea with brand strategy / design via Maud + The Monkeys

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UnLtd’s Little Colossus launches Mood Tea with brand strategy / design via Maud + The Monkeys

Little Colossus, the industry’s first social enterprise launched earlier this year, has today revealed the details of its first consumer product, a tea brand named ‘Mood’. The brand strategy, naming and design has been created by Maud and The Monkeys.


With 100% of the proceeds going towards funding youth mental health projects, Mood is positioned as a “range of mood enhancing teas that help improve the mood of a generation”.

The range of teas, which can be consumed hot or cold, are aimed primarily at the younger generation (18 – 35 year-olds). They are available for purchase exclusively online where consumers will also have the option to sign up to tea subscription.

Says Jenni Hayward, general manager of Little Colossus: “We noticed a gap in the market. The younger generation enjoys healthier drink alternatives but there aren’t many tea brands created specifically for them. They’re also the most socially conscious consumers so, knowing the devastating impact mental ill-health and suicide is having on young Australians, we saw the opportunity to create a product that benefits both the consumer and enables them to help the wider society.”

The bespoke range of premium tea blends include ingredients known for their positive mental benefits including Ashwagandha Root to reduce stress, Siberian Ginseng to promote mental alertness and Skullcap Root to promote sleep. The blends are called: ‘Happy Days’, ‘Get On Up’, ‘Be Kind, Unwind’ and ‘Sweet Lullaby’.

UnLtd’s Little Colossus launches Mood Tea with brand strategy / design via Maud + The Monkeys

Says David Park, chief creative officer at Maud: “Mood is the perfect word to explain what we and our products do. We sell goods that are designed to help our customers have an open dialogue with themselves, and maybe even help regulate their own moods. And since all proceeds go towards programs that support youth mental health, in a way we’re also helping support young Australians to do the same.”

Park added that the look and feel is carefully designed to appeal to the younger market: “The Mood branding and design is bold and dynamic. Tailored towards a younger audience than the typical tea-drinker, it harnesses a series of expressive colours and adaptive, revolutionary word-marks, each alluding to the individual tea’s core benefit. The overall identity will talk to the multi-layered benefits of the tea product and Mood at large.”

The tea range is starting consumer sales in early 2021 but a pre-sale edition is now available to order exclusively for the media, marketing and creative industry.

Says Chris Freel, CEO of UnLtd: “This is the first time our industry has come together to create a social enterprise and B2C product and we are excited about giving the people in our industry the chance to be the first to taste the teas. 2021 will have an increased focus on mental wellbeing and Mood is an ideal way to start the new year with a meaningful gift that is good for your own wellbeing, tastes fantastic and is also helping others.”

The pre-sale is available from mid-November until 8 December via this order form or by contacting Chris Freel at chris@unltd.org.au.

The full consumer launch, backed by a creative campaign by The Monkeys with media strategy by OMD, influencer engagement and PR by One Green Bean, social activation by We Are Social and performance marketing by Mindbox, will take place in 2021.

Little Colossus is owned by industry’s social purpose organisation UnLtd. Partners of Little Colossus also include: Accenture Interactive, Allen & Overy, FJORD, Storage King, Teavision and Venture Consulting.

David Park – Chief Design Officer
Fushia O’Hara – Client Director
Paul O’Connor – Strategic Director (Design)
Dickie Smalley – Creative Director (Design)
Tonia Mo – Designer
Luke Hoban – Designer

The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive
Mark Green – Lead Accenture Interactive ANZ, Group CEO / Co-Founder The Monkeys
Scott Nowell – Group CCO | Co-Founder
Justin Drape – Group CCO | Co-Founder
Fabio Buresti – Chief Strategy Officer / Partner
Matt Michael – Managing Director
Natasha Delin – Content Director
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