The Work 2021 Contenders: VMLY&R New Zealand

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2021 Contenders…

ACC: Have a Hmmm
VMLY&R New Zealand
It’s estimated 90% of injuries are preventable. In a significant behaviour change campaign to reduce injury across New Zealand, ACC research identified that no matter what your attitude to risk, you take more care if you take a moment to think about the harm to others. ‘Have a Hmmm’ launched in April 2021 across multiple channels, with watch-through rates already double industry standard.

Ryman Healthcare: Retire
VMLY&R New Zealand
Research showed 94% of seniors disliked the way they were portrayed in advertising. To transform the category, Ryman Healthcare, New Zealand’s leading retirement living company, showed seniors as they’d never been seen before. As themselves. Ryman enlisted real retirement village residents, some in their 80s and even 90s to represent the brand, proudly heroing this “unseen generation” on prime time TV, in four-storey billboards and on social, smashing ageist stereotypes.

Refugees As Survivors New Zealand: Kiwis welcome
VMLY&R New Zealand
In the lead up to World Refugee Day 2020, a host of New Zealand celebrities expressed the view that there shouldn’t be any refugees living in New Zealand: that’s because when they reach New Zealand’s shores, they’re no longer refugees, they’re Kiwis. With over 2 million impressions for $0 media spend, the video was shared around the world, resulting in an outpouring of support towards refugees, and a 36% increase in social media followers for Refugees as Survivors New Zealand.

New Zealand Electoral Commission: Vote Ghost
VMLY&R New Zealand
New Zealand is a world-leader in voting equality, the first country to give women the vote. But by 2020, an alarming 50% of young New Zealanders didn’t exercise their right to vote. This campaign let them know that if you don’t take part in society by voting, you’re left out, invisible: unseen and unheard: a Vote Ghost. As part of an integrated campaign addressing key emotional and cognitive barriers to voting, involving more than 300 unique pieces of content, it resulted in 18% more 18-24 year-olds turning out to vote in the 2020 General Election, the best youth voting turnout in a decade.


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