Sydney animation studio Mighty Nice creates seven spots for Volkswagen via Deutsch LA

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Achoo_2.jpgMighty Nice has created seven fantastic animated spots showcasing seven new features of the Volkswagen Passat.

Working with Deutsch LA, the Sydney-based animation studio perfected a stunning combination of 2D traditional animation and 3D built environments.

Says Alex Saevitz, associate integrated producer at Deutsch: “Mighty Nice was a pleasure to work and collaborate with. They were incredibly accommodating and flexible when it came to our insanely tight budget and timeline. When it came to the final animation, Mighty Nice’s team delivered more than we could have imagined.”

Achoo_3.jpgWith Alex Weight leading the team as director, Darren Price as ECD and Ben Ommundsmen as animation director, the studio was motivated from the get-go.

Says Jelani Curtis, snr art director at Deutsch LA: “They have a lot of talented people of there.”

The spots are informative and clear in the illustration of the Passat’s new features. Animation allowed Mighty Nice to show some of the more difficult situations a travelling family can find themselves in a fun, humorous way – but at the same time deliver sweet, relatable family moments. A chuckle and a bit of an “…awww” moment.

Achoo_1.jpgSays Price: “This was a dream job. Working with Deutsch LA was a pleasure right from day one, and together we have delivered a stunning suite of family moments on the tightest of deadlines. Our crew are all immensely proud of the final result.”

Characters were animated in traditional pencil style on Wacom Cintiq’s using TVPaint. Maya was used to render the 3D cars to appear painterly and sit alongside the hand-rendered backgrounds and pencilled characters. After Effects and Nuke were both used for comping, atmospheric lighting and distance haze. One of the biggest challenges was translating the brush techniques from the artists into the 3D worlds.

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