Skye Lambley Cannes Diary: Wrap

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Skye Lambley Cannes Diary: Wrap

Skye Lambley, chief executive officer of Herd MSL represented Australia on the Cannes PR Lions jury. Here Roarty reflects on her time in the jury room, exclusively for CB.


The last two days have been spent bunkered down sorting through almost 200 pieces best pieces of PR work over the course of the last year.

Based on the stories I had heard from others that have faced the jury room, I was prepped for some serious Survivor-like alliances to be formed and for it to be as political as Eurovision, however those expectations were very quickly quashed. Kind of disappointing, I was ready to rumble.

Instead I got a bunch of super smart PR people all of who were open to having their minds changed. WHAT!?!?! A serious lack of ego at a conference filled with creatives, how refreshing!

Trawling through work unveiled some serious trends for me. Here are a few of my observations.
– Inclusivity is everything
– The reverse metaverse – it’s not about making the real virtual but making online represent what is real.
– Are we trapped in a time capsule. Equality for women is still a long, long way off
– However, menstruation is so hot right now

But in all seriousness a truly inspiration couple of days. It’s hard in our daily lives to soak in the creativity and impact that we as an industry create each and every day. No longer do you have to work for a not-for-profit to be purposeful, the expectation is that brands and governments have to drive real and meaningful change and consumers and constitutes expect them to.

Now before I resume changing the world, I have time for one (or maybe 10) more Rosé.