Scott Otto Anderson directs Chris Hemsworth in bonkers Centr campaign via Moon Tide Media U.S.


As one of Hollywood’s leading men, Chris Hemsworth is known for diverse roles that require dynamic body transformation. With Centr, a holistic wellness app developed by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth and his top-notch team of fitness coaches and nutritionists, people can finally train, eat and live like Thor at the tap of a finger.


Directed by Photoplay’s Scott Otto Anderson, the campaign sees Hemsworth channelling the spirit of the people he and his team are out to help: from a Mom trying to squeeze workouts in between working-from-home and childcare, to a mindful college bro, two twenty-something workout girls, to a middle-aged ‘King of the Grill’ Dad. Chris’ chiselled head is superimposed on each character as he moves through their day-to-day lives, creating a weird and self-deprecating charm that speaks to the wide appeal of Centr.

Says Anderson: “Even though, or perhaps because, he’s annoyingly handsome Chris’ greatest secret superpower is his ability to take the piss. Promoting a fitness app with the fittest guy on screen is a little predictable. And Centr is more than just a fitness app, it’s a holistic approach to wellness led by Chris’ own team. Placing Chris’ head onto the body of Centr users not only reflects the journey you are taking is the same he’s been on, it’s also satisfyingly weird.”

The resulting content is a category-busting take on health and fitness, forgoing chiselled bodies and stylish athleisure wear in favour of a more achievable and relatable look at getting fit

Says Zsofi Paterson, CEO, Centr: “This campaign is all about celebrating what’s possible when it comes to health and fitness.

“We want people to understand that living a healthier life isn’t about being an A-list celebrity. To reach your goals you need to get the right guidance and the right tools, and Centr puts all that in your pocket so that you don’t need to be Chris Hemsworth to get results, you just need his team.

“We’re not your average fitness app which is why we don’t act like one. This might be an unusual take on fitness advertising but we want to shake up the category and show off the humour that Centr’s members have come to love and appreciate.”

Initially launching via Hemsworth’s personal Instagram page, the campaign rolled out across social, PR, CRM and paid advertising, amassing over nine million views globally in less than a week.

This new launch from Centr follows a year of significant growth, with subscribers increasing by 160% in 2020 thanks in large part to the app’s huge range of workouts, recipes and meditations, and the incredible transformations achieved by members since launch two years ago. Oh…and Chris’ team of course!

Centr // Loup
CEO: Zsofi Paterson
Head of Customer & Growth: Kate Parker
Brand Manager: Rebecca Galic

Creative Agency – Moon Tide
Managing Partner: Charlie Koones
Managing Director: Tresa Gowland
Executive Producer: Ilene Kramer
Producer: Harry Joseph
Creative Director: Johann Conforme
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Karin Djelaj
Director, Strategy: Steve Le Neveu
Director, Social Media: Shauna Rush

Production Company: Photoplay Films
Executive Producer: Oliver Lawrance
Producer: Emma Thompson
Director: Scott Otto Anderson
Director of Photography: Zoe White

Post Production:
Post- House & VFX: Blackbird
Music: Human
Sound Mix: Post Human