Resolution harnesses the power of possibility


Wonder.jpgRelaunching the AMP brand to the Australian public with an inventive, graphic 90-second spot, Resolution has brought to life a campaign that takes typography and design to a heightened level of sophistication.

Airing for one week on free to air channels and for the first time on last night, the TVC takes viewers on a type driven journey by utilizing a varied palette of design imagery, 2D and 3D graphics, along with hand crafted typography.

Titled “Possibilities”, the latest animated commercial aims to inspire audiences to join the AMP brand on a stimulating visual narrative that informs viewers of the bank’s promise to help turn its customers’ dreams into a reality.

Busier.jpgThe spot highlights AMP’s lending history, which includes its financial support to visionary ventures such as the construction and development of Sydney Harbour Tunnel , Sydney’s Centrepoint Tower and the city’s very first skyscraper, demonstrating that any vision — great or small — is achievable.

The campaign, via Sydney-based creative agency Banjo, is made up of a number of scripts along with an emotive score completed by Elliot Wheeler of Turning Studios, Sydney. No voiceover is used, allowing for the scripted typography to take centre stage and guide the viewer through the key campaign messaging.

“We had two award-winning typographers enlisted on the team including Sydney’s very own

Luca Ionescu along with newly discovered Tokyo-based talent Ant Hayes,” says Resolution executive producer Roy De Giorgio.

“We also had a team of high-end 2D and 3D designers on board the 8 week project. It’s a

unique vehicle brand ad that provides a truly different look and feel from anything else on

air,” adds De Giorgio.

The overall vision is seeded in the creation of a highly engaging, memorable and readable

spot with a distinct graphic quality and execution that allows for the treatment of keywords as

bespoken design, explains Resolution’s Creative Director Tim Dyroff.

“We tried to provide a high level of photo-realism and implemented a clean minimalist

backdrop instead of going with a pure graphics-based design,” says Dyroff.

“We styled certain type to feel like the material translation of the words and in this instance

created a universe of infinite and expanding connections to visually represent the meaning of

‘possibilities’ along with light reflecting off a crystal to represent the word ‘wonder’.

“We definitely steered away from a kinetic typography as we felt it was no longer a fresh approach. Instead, we went for an un-corporate execution grounded in the art space to create a tone that is ultimately a great fit for the AMP brand.”

Banjo senior creative Sean Larkin states that both the agency and client were impressed with the TVC production results. “Tim Dyroff was very prolific in generating hundreds of typography ideas and references,” says Larkin.

“We wanted the typography to have a ‘smile in the mind’ quality – with a clever relevance between it (the type design) and the message,” he adds.


Client: AMP

Creative Agency: Banjo, Sydney

Creatives: Georgia Arnott & Sean Larkin

Agency Producer: Meredyth Judd

Post Production, Design & Animation: Resolution

Resolution Creative Director: Tim Dyroff

Resolution Executive Producer: Roy De Giorgio

Resolution Production Co-ordinator: Lily Crowley

Typography Designer: Ant Hayes & Luca Ionescu

Track: Elliot Wheeler, Turning Studios