Rabbit director Daniel Mitchell shoots new spot for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT via The Monkeys


Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.05.11 PM.jpgRabbit and The Monkeys have collaborated to deliver a powerful and important TV and digital campaign for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT.

Directed by Daniel Mitchell, the Respect My Uniform campaign outlined the importance of respecting a Guide Dog in harness. The concept revolved around the fact members of the public would not distract a police or rescue dog while working, so why distract a Guide Dog, helping someone who is blind or vision impaired to maintain their independence.

Says Mitchell: “What I found interesting about the campaign was that it was more educational than anything else. There is a serious problem the association faces where dogs are being de-commissioned because of constant distraction from the public, and as a result, trust issues with their owners.

“I read what The Monkeys had put together for the TV campaign and was thrilled to be involved. A clever, powerful, cinematic spot that appealed to me instantly. We brought together a wonderful team, some well behaved dogs, and had a fun day bringing the idea to life.”

Client: Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

GM Marketing &Communications: Charles Ulm

Marketing Coordinator: Daniel Cutlack

Title: Respect My Uniform

Agency: The Monkeys

Creative Director: Morton Halvorsen

Junior Copywriter: Victoria Iles

Junior Art Director: Lisa Eri

Head of Production: Thea Carone

Content Director: Katie Wong-Hee

Production Company: Rabbit Content

Executive Producer: Lucas Jenner, Alex Hay

Director: Daniel Mitchell

Producer: Mike Salter

Cinematographer: Alex Dufficy

Editor: Daniel Mitchell

Colourist: Ben Eagleton

Online Design: White Chocolate

Sound Design: Daniel Mitchell

Sound Mix: Song Zu

Casting: Fountainhead