Nobby’s Nuts launches padded swimmers in cheeky new campaign via Junkee Media + PHD

Nobby’s Nuts launches padded swimmers in cheeky new campaign via Junkee Media + PHD

Junkee Media and PHD have joined forces to launch a cheeky campaign for Nobby’s Nuts new Loaded Snack Mix by creating limited edition swimmers that have been precision engineered to hold men’s, um, nuts in perfect position.


The tongue-in-cheek campaign launched on Junkee’s Media’s Punkee title.

Junkee Media worked with PHD to create 100 pairs of limited edition budgie smugglers to celebrate the launch of PepsiCo’s Nobby’s Loaded Snack Mix — a brand new snack with crunchy bite-sized pieces of pork crackle, crispy rice snacks, crunchy nuggets, noodle crisps, pretzels, and peanuts.

The campaign features talent including Married At First Sight’s Ryan Gallagher, Michel Beveridge and Roundabout Crew who have all come on board to help model the innovative swimwear.

In its first 24 hours the campaign was picked up on the Daily Mail (“It takes real nuts to wear these”) with more Punkee content to come over the following weeks.

Says Neil Ackland, CEO, Junkee Media: “We pride ourselves on working with clients to think outside the box to deliver creative ways to put brands in front of youth audiences that actually want what they’re selling and they trust what we recommend. Tapping into this market in an authentic way, with humour, is what we do best, and the Nobby’s campaign is a great example of the team really nailing this approach.”

Says Noel Gate, business director, PHD: “We are excited to work with Junkee Media and PepsiCo to celebrate the launch of Nobby’s new Loaded snack mix. The campaign has seen us take a fresh and bold approach to reach the Australian millennial audience with the aim of recruiting the next generation of Nobby’s Nibblers!”

Says Susan Press, marketing manager, PepsiCo: “With Nobby’s about to reach its 70th birthday, it’s the perfect opportunity to inject some freshness into the brand with the new Loaded Snack Mix product and a campaign that embodies its iconic, cheeky nature in such a fun way.”