Frucor Suntory unveils first brand campaign via the projects* to relaunch sport drink Mizone

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Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 8.54.54 am.jpgThe projects* and Frucor Suntory have unveiled the first brand campaign to relaunch the iconic Australian sports drink Mizone.

The brand’s hypotonic formulation has proven faster hydration+ and one third less sugar making it a “better for you” option for those craving a lower sugar sports drink.

TP_MiZone_CampaignLayouts_V7.jpgIn a fitness landscape dominated by polished and unrealistic narratives of triumph, the new campaign aims to humanise the sports drink category by featuring real people in their real life settings.

Rolling out across video and out of home, the campaign features Australian cricketer and footballer Ellyse Perry, TV presenters Liv Phyland and Teigan Nash, and personal trainers Dan Adair and Danielle Bazergy.

Says Leigh Coleman, marketing manager of Mizone: “In relaunching this iconic brand we’re excited to present the diversity of motivations that people have when it comes to fitness and embrace the fact that everyone is motivated by something different.  This campaign reflects that motivation is personal and can be a feeling of confidence, strength, togetherness or simply a sense of achievement from just being sweaty.”

Says Shaun Profeta, head of strategy at the projects*: “we wanted to showcase what fitness means to real people and actually present what it is people mean when they say that they are “in the zone” in a more fun and inclusive way.”

Mizone is available now in three refreshing flavours; Lemon & Lime, Strawberry & Lime and Watermelon.

Client:  Frucor Suntory

Jessica Osborne – Assistant Brand Manager

Leigh Coleman – Marketing Manager

Amanda Verardo – Head of Developing Brands

Mark Wiedermann – Marketing Director

the projects*

Shaun Profeta – Head Of Strategy

Sasha Jeppesen – Creative Strategist

Genevieve Bateman – Project Lead

Walter Flamenco – Art Director