Fig & Bloom launch men’s ‘Broquet’ with Gotcha4Life in new initiative via Thinkerbell

Fig & Bloom launch men’s ‘Broquet’ with Gotcha4Life in new initiative via Thinkerbell

This week, Australian florist Fig & Bloom in partnership with Gotcha4Life has launched the Broquet: a specialty bouquet range, designed for men to send to their ‘bros’ in order to spark valuable conversations via Thinkerbell.


While we know men don’t really currently give other men flowers, that’s kind of the point. Each Broquet given is a chance for men to stop and acknowledge what their male friendshsips mean to each other.

The earned media and social campaign has been developed by Thinkerbell to give Fig & Bloom a platform to encourage men to connect via flowers. While also highlighting the great work Gotcha4Life does to create meaningful mateship and build mental fitness in men and communities across Australia.

The special Broquet collection (on sale now) includes three unique styles of dried flowers, that last for up to six years, available for delivery Australia wide.

50% of proceeds from each Broquet purchased will be donated to Gotcha4Life to fund participation in educational workshops across the country.

Says Kellie Brown, Fig & Bloom: “Flowers are a highly emotive gift, and the majority of flowers are given from and to women. We want men to be able to enjoy giving and receiving flowers too. We hope that the giving of these Broquets from man to man opens up a conversation and reinforce or rekindle a connection.”

Recent studies show that while men find it valuable to check in with one another, it doesn’t necessarily come naturally. Even more sadly –  it rarely occurs. According to a Social Research Centre** study one third of men feel their relationships with friends and work colleagues had weakened due to distancing restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Says Gus Worland, founder, Gotcha4Life: “It’s alarming that suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians between 15 and 44 years of age, and men make up 75% of suicides every single day in Australia. What we know is – most men don’t want to admit when they’re having a rough time. By sending a Fig & Bloom Broquet this February, we hope more men are empowered to reach out to their “bros” via a simple gesture that may help to spark important conversations and strengthen social connection.”

Says Ben Couzens, chief creative tinker at Thinkerbell: “You really can say a bunch with flowers and that’s what Fig & Bloom are all about. So bringing Fig & Bloom and Gotcha4Life together to do some good for all the bros out there with the Broquet is really exciting.”

Worland, with the help of Fig & Bloom and Thinkerbell, will continue to hand out surprise Broquets to some of his mates throughout the week and until the initiative concludes.

You can also send your “bro” a Fig & Bloom Broquet by heading to

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Fig & Bloom launch men’s ‘Broquet’ with Gotcha4Life in new initiative via Thinkerbell