Cresta Awards set to launch new International Review of Creative Standards

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Cresta Awards set to launch new International Review of Creative Standards

Global, regional and key city reviews will form a key part of the new International Review of Creative Standards from the resurgent Cresta Awards.


The publication will analyse and aggregate data based on a broad range of criteria, including performance at the 2019 Cresta Awards. It will also feature key interviews and eminent contributors.

Says Lewis Blackwell, CEO of Cresta: “We have enormous respect for existing global and regional ranking organisations and are honoured to be part of The Big Won this year. However, we think there is an opportunity for an additional perspective, one that is open to a more localised look at creative standards and can evaluate awards performance alongside other key indicators of creative output and potential. Australasia and Asia creative achievements will be very important parts of the new publication.”

While the global creative rankings tables are inevitably dominated by the larger, global networks, Cresta hopes to shed fresh insight on who and what is driving that performance. The Review will also aim to shed light on the best startups, strong independents and smaller networks.

Says Blackwell: “The international networks do a fantastic job for their clients and their overall creative standards should be explored and celebrated. But the creative world and its clients also demand smaller, highly creative outfits that deserve to be recognised too. So we will be looking at who, in each region and major city, however big or small, is helping to raise standards in creativity.”

The Cresta Review will be finalised following the announcement of this year’s awards winners. A major part of the review will be devoted to this year’s Cresta winners, with Grand Prix and Gold winners receiving extensive coverage including profiles, ECD interviews and in-depth campaign analysis.

All Cresta entrants will have free access to the review online as well as being able to order discounted print versions.

Says Alan Page, president, Cresta: “Our name comes from Creative Standards. The Review is a critical part of our commitment to championing the value of creativity.

“A VIP version will be promoted to the world’s Top 500 and selected other key clients. This will help ensure that all our winners get a chance to pitch their best work to many of the most receptive and important clients.”

The Cresta Awards 2019 is open for entries now. Closing deadline 31 May. To find out more visit