Creative studio Vandal joins forces with Art Pharmacy to celebrate new gallery in Redfern


XGF6tQCuG5ZpuXYGIb_dgb9_YAOZO53H6GAhfeQ2frUpn1joU8robIoj7oDN8rZQbJ4Waa-b_lOKIXo=w1204-h663.jpgNew creative studio V∆ND∆L​ recently joined forces with renowned art and culture consultancy, Art Pharmacy to celebrate the launch of its new gallery, marking a groundbreaking new form of collaboration amongst creatives, designers, artists, illustrators, animators, technologists, filmmakers, photographers and musicians.

In keeping with V∆ND∆L​’s commitment to inspire by creating the best work within the best environment, their custom built, architecturally designed creative warehouse is also home to a studio cyc, sound studio, edit, grade and vfx lounges, hot desks, meeting rooms, open plan work zones, café and sundrenched alleyway courtyard.

vxYtcChPYFIXI24U7h4PoG6rX1wlp-LgSBWnW1QrN0peMQlXVgytBA4JRDg6DieOH0GkyQE1M25Jljs=w1204-h663.jpgArt Pharmacy has curated the art collections of many private and corporate clients including Mirvac, Deloitte and the QVB. The collaboration with V∆ND∆L marks their first permanent gallery space. The first exhibition, curated by Art Pharmacy, showcases the bold and vibrant works of Sarah Beeston. Entitled ‘Rainbow Warriors’ the show incorporates Beeston’s distinguished B5AcEvXDcDK_9kORfBqZSWbvYSxTicd8CpE2SJXsk9pE7llA0pRFRttJalU0oCXCzRH8ks-pax_FUSU=w1204-h663.jpgbackground in fashion illustration to create enthralling mixed media works exploring contemporary politics, celebrities and the perversities of popular culture.

The opening was attended by V∆ND∆L​ creative directors, Emile Rademeyer and Richard Swan, executive producer Anna Greensmith and Art Pharmacy founder and director Emilya jDGWOed6Jz2SOBLSCxZ7RUf4MtsaufghAort5AH7leuFgNNNwxfG0qm7Ev5pukVVP49v6D1u8X9x8ik=w1204-h663.jpgColliver. Also in attendance were some of Sydney’s most prominent artists, curators and collectors, including representatives from the MCA, alongside Art Pharmacy clients from Deloitte, Mirvac, NSW Government among others. Also present were top creatives and producers from the city’s most innovative advertising and media agencies. The event featured live music from LxkZzdxf1_6Z5cC0J8kGc34Cp8WePxbjU4IAcvKivTUzUpOFCipcN9nfq9A-IRq3Ve3tLYUB0ryjobM=w1204-h663.jpgTenderfoot, presented by Audio Network.

Coinciding with the launch of Art Month Sydney 2017, the V∆ND∆L gallery has launched to the public at 16-30 Vine Street, Redfern. The gallery will be open to members of the public from 9-5, Monday – Friday. All works are also for sale here.

For further enquiries email or follow V∆ND∆L and Art Pharmacy on Instagram and @artpharmacy.