Cheetah Digital announces speaker lineup for its global 2021 Signals Conference

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Cheetah Digital announces speaker lineup for its global 2021 Signals Conference

Cheetah Digital, a provider of cross-channel customer engagement solutions for many of the world’s most well-known brands, has announced the agenda and details of its annual Signals conference. The 2021 event will feature multiple sessions each Wednesday between 11:00am – 4:00pm ET (2:30am – 7:00am Australian EST) starting October 6th through November 3rd. This year’s event will be primarily virtual with select in-person sessions that are available by invitation only.


The key theme for 2021 is anchored in making human connections, and that relationship management is the core discipline for brands to understand and engage their customers on an individual level. While consumers are increasing their demands for truly personalized messaging and offers from the brands they support, they are also weary of how, where, and when their personal data is collected and exploited by other companies.

This balance between privacy and personalization is impossible to achieve when using third-party data, which was recently showcased in the company’s new creative campaign starring Wayne Knight who is famed for playing ‘Newman’ in Seinfeld.

The biggest takeaways for attendees of the 2021 Signals conference will be how marketers can end their reliance on cookies and third-party data, how to ramp up their collection and use of zero-party data, which includes crucial psychographic information from consumers, and why a loyalty program rooted in emotion can be the best long term relationship tool a brand can invest in.

Says Richard Jones, chief marketing officer for Cheetah Digital: “The 2021 Signals event was designed to address some of the most pressing trends facing the marketing industry right now – notably how to build 1:1 relationships with customers in a digitally accelerating world. Over the course of five weeks and 20+ sessions, we will feature a fantastic lineup of impressive speakers and clients who are both implementing world-class loyalty programs at their organizations whilst understanding the importance of next-gen personalization and proper data collection.”

Themes for each week include Inspire (10/6), Innovate (10/13), Understand (10/21), Activate (10/27), and Engage (11/3).

Cheetah Digital’s President, Bill Ingram will address attendees at the beginning of the conference on 10/6 and chief product officer, Manoj Goyal will provide a session on product vision on 10/13. Keynote addressed by Lauren Bush Lauren (CEO and co-founder of FEED Projects and granddaughter of President George H.W. Bush), addresses value driven marketing, and the conscious consumer.

The conference is free to attend, and multiple sessions are available each day. Interested attendees can learn more about the Signals conference and sign up for specific events by visiting

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