C-Suite executives called upon to help sick kids in new social impact initiative ‘Meeting For Good’

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Sydney start up meetmagic and The Starlight Children’s Foundation have teamed up to create a world first partnership and positive social impact initiative like no other “Meeting for Good,” to brighten the lives of sick kids nation-wide.


They are calling on all C-Suite and senior executives to sign up now and pledge a 45 minute ‘meeting for good’ in an effort to raise $350,000 for the Starlight Children’s foundation to help and bring happiness to 9000 seriously ill children in hospital.

Every 45 minute meeting raises enough funds to help 18 sick children and their families.

Having just launched, 77 of Australia’s top executives have signed up already, pledging 222 meetings. (Full list of execs listed at meetingforgood.org.au)

Go to meetingforgood.org.au to be part of this incredible initiative that will benefit your business and help sick kids at the same time.

Founded by Carl Gough in 2017, meetmagic is a ground-breaking fundraising idea. It is changing the way IT companies connect with executives to attract new business by repurposing their marketing spend to help charities, whilst at the same time allowing busy executives from corporate Australia to expand their capacity to contribute to causes they care about, make connections and gain knowledge to benefit their business. It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN.

A proven model, meetmagic recently connected one of the world’s leading cyber security providers to the Wesfarmers group, which led to a seven figure contract.

In a world first, meetmagic has joined forces with Starlight Children’s Foundation (Starlight) to launch “Meeting for Good” a movement connecting business leaders with technology companies to help raise funds to brighten the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children nation-wide.

They are calling upon all C-Suite and senior executives from ASX top 300 companies to sign up now and pledge a ‘meeting for good’ in an effort to raise $350,000 for the Starlight Children’s foundation to help and bring happiness to 9000 seriously ill children in hospital over the next 12 months. Every 45 minute meeting will brighten the lives of 18 sick kids and their families.

Says Gough: “In return for giving their time, C-Suite executives will not only feel good about inspiring social change, they’ll gain valuable insights into the latest innovations impacting their business including areas such as infrastructure and cybersecurity. These meetings could also open doors for executives to connect with new technology vendors who can provide strategic insights into digital transformations impacting their industry.”

Having just launched, 68 of Australia’s top executives have already pledged 195 meetings to support sick kids on the meetingforgood.org.au website. These include: Brian Hartzer, CEO of Westpac Group, Nick Molnar, CEO & co-founder, Afterpay, Lucy Liu, president, Airwallex; Katrina Glover, COO, Credit Suisse; Sean O’Donoghue, CFO, Cuscal; Ian Hasslacher, CSCO, Guzman Y Gomez, Bradley Blyth, CTO, Loyalty Pacific and Andrew Matuszczak, CTO/CIO, Wesfarmers, Karl Schuster, CEO Velocity Frequent Flyer, Dan Chesterman, CIO, Australian Stock Exchange, Nick Carnegie, venture capitalist and former investment banker to name a few.

Says Lucy Lui, president of tech unicorn Airwallex is delighted to be involved.

“I quickly jumped on board. I thought it was a really good idea.” Ms Lui said, adding that she receives 20-30 meeting requests a week from would-be suppliers.

Says Lui: “We should consider the future legacies that we are leaving our kids as well as the social impact that we should have. Being a part of the Starlight Meeting for Good movement is very personal and very exciting to me.”

Meetmagic acts as the liaison connecting senior executives with leading technology companies that can provide strategic insights into the digital transformations impacting their industry. Vendors pay a fee to book a 45 minute meeting with the available executives. Funds paid for the meeting go to the Starlight foundation via meetmagic.

Says Andrew Matuszczak, the chief information and technology officer at Wesfarmers industrials division who has pledged 4 meetings: “I get more than 40 vendor requests for lunch, coffee or dinner every day, so it makes sense for me to schedule a few of those meetings this way.”

Says Nick Molnar, founder of Afterpay: “It’s business as usual, making a difference. When you pledge to host a meeting, you are paired with technology companies. Meetmagic will then make a cause related contribution to book a meeting with you.”

Guzman Y Gomez, chief supply chain officer Ian Hasslacher who has pledged four meetings reiterates: “meetmagic meetings really get my attention because of the confidence of a mutually beneficial outcome.”

Katrina Glover, chief operating officer at Credit Suisse who has also pledged meetings says: “Business leaders in an organisation are in a unique position to influence outcomes – and that’s exactly why more leaders should be involved with meetmagic and pledge a ‘Meeting for Good.’

Says Sean O’Donoghue, chief financial officer at Cuscal who has pledged four meetings: “Companies that support corporate philanthropy in this way just may find the next big idea for their business, while simultaneously positioning their company as one willing and best placed to support the local communities that they serve.”

Every minute of every day a child is admitted to a hospital in Australia. While health professionals treat illness, Starlight delivers the fun through its services Captain Starlight and the Starlight Express Rooms to improve sick kids’ resilience, confidence and wellbeing.

Says Matt Geraghty, national partnerships manager, Starlight: “The concept is a simple, yet powerful way for C-Suite executives to both grow their philanthropic impact and solve key business challenges. It’s win/win because executives can raise money for Starlight and improve their business at the same time. I’d urge those interested to get in touch or register directly and together, we can provide happiness to sick kids, one meeting at a time.”

To pledge your time to support Starlight Meeting for Good, visit meetingforgood.org.au.

C-Suite executives called upon to help sick kids in new social impact initiative ‘Meeting For Good’