Audio’s increasing presence prompts Smith & Western’s launch of S&W Sonic Branding


Globally awarded Sydney sound-house Smith & Western has officially launched a new audio branding agency, S&W Sonic Branding.


Dan Higson, co-founder and executive producer, says the launch is in response to increasing client recognition of the importance of audio branding: “As awareness around the potential for sound to engage audiences is on the rise, there has been increased demand for companies to have a dedicated Sonic Branding strategy.”

From Smith & Western’s experience, sound has often been overlooked in the past and treated as an afterthought in the development of the brand ecosystem. But with the pandemic causing a surge in audio production, more and more brands are realising the importance and power of having their own ‘sound’.

Says Higson: “More and more clients are asking ‘what does our brand sound like and what makes it stand apart from the pack?’”

S&W Sonic Branding is made up of a team of composers, sound designers and music strategists who bring focus to the power of sound, to elicit emotion and engage with a brand’s audience on a primal level.

Says Nick West, co-founder and creative director: “We take the time to conduct a sonic audit of a brand to understand how sound and music is being utilised across all the brand touch-points and we maximise the potential.

“Most brands have a set of guidelines that describe the visual branding elements, the tone of voice, the brand pillars and even what fonts to use. However, they often miss a crucial asset in the branding tool kit … sound.”

After years of creating audio defining solutions for clients including Kayo Sports, Medibank, Panadol, The Star and Binge, establishing a specialist sonic branding agency was a natural progression for Smith & Western.

Adds West: “There are so many areas where a cohesive brand sound can create synergy and cut-through. From an audio logo or Brand Mnemonic, to a full suite of brand music or even button noises on an app, we establish a sonic strategy for our clients to make sure their customers always know it’s them!”

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Audio’s increasing presence prompts Smith & Western’s launch of S&W Sonic Branding